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Fender Pure Vint. Strat Tremolo Assembly




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This chrome bridge assembly is for use on most American Professional and American Standard from 2008-present (fits most American Series models with a two-point synchronized tremolo), and combines modern two-point synchronized tremolo design with classic Fender looks. The new pop-in tremolo arm securely stays in position, no matter how hard you play. The arm tension can also be adjusted for a perfectly dialed-in feel that matches any player’s preference.

Chrome bridge assembly
Modern two-point synchronized tremolo design
2-7/32" (2.220") mounting and modern 2 1/16” (2.0625”) string spacing
Pop-in tremolo arm
Six "FENDER"-stamped bent steel saddles
Includes steel tremolo block, tremolo claw and springs, pop-in tremolo arm with aged white tip, adjustment wrenches and mounting hardwareFor most American Professional, American Standard series Stratocaster® models (2008-present)


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Fender Pure Vint. Strat Tremolo Assembly

Fender Pure Vint. Strat Tremolo Assembly