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Revelator Dynamic

Professional dynamic USB mic for streaming, podcasting, gaming, and more.

A streamer’s dream.

The Revelator Dynamic USB microphone takes the clarity and warmth of our fan-favorite PD-70 microphone and adds easy-to-use, customizable
presets to further polish your voice. Need to add backing tracks, Zoom calls, or gameplay audio? Revelator Dynamic has you covered with a built-in
mixer, which makes it simple and fast to blend your voice with audio from other applications and send a professional quality mix to your stream or

Designed for your voice.

The custom-built microphone capsule in the Revelator Dynamic is built to capture your voice cleanly and clearly while eliminating handling noise and
breathiness that can get between you and your audience. Thanks to superior off-axis rejection, you can set up your broadcast or recording studio in
just about any space—and unwanted reverberance, electrical hum, and the random car driving by will be left behind, leaving only the pristine, natural
sound of your voice.

Sound like a pro, right from the start.

Recording vocals by yourself can be challenging, that’s why we include eight professionally-crafted presets to make your voice sound polished right
from the start. Like what you hear? Revelator Dynamic gives you the option to record your vocals fully processed, making for less work in post-
production. And when you’re ready to create your own unique sound, open Universal Control and you’ll find all the studio tools you need to create a
preset that’s just right for you.

• USB-C®-compatible microphone for streaming, podcasting, home recording, and more

• Same custom-designed microphone capsule as the PreSonus PD-70 broadcast dynamic microphone

• Superior off-axis rejection removes unwanted room noise leaving only the warm, natural sound of your voice

• 8 easy-to-use presets make getting that “radio sound” a breeze... no audio engineering experience required

• Built-in headphone amplifier with zero-latency monitoring let you listen in ral-time

• Two stereo loopback audio channels. Add audio from Skype calls, gameplay, background music and more

• Easy monitoring built in

• Create multiple mixes: one for you, one for your Zoom caller or your Discord chat, and one for your stream

• Studio One Artist included

• Studio Magic Software Suite included


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Presonus Revelator Dynamic  USB-mikrofoni

Presonus Revelator Dynamic USB-mikrofoni