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Todella hyvin pidetty herkku Australiasta. M I Amplification Revelation Head mkII . Mukana uudenveroinen ENGL Z9 pedaali ja Blues Case kotelo nupille.

The Revelation Mk II is an all vacuum tube amplifier that provides flexibility beyond your wildest dreams. Imagine an amplifier that can provide four
completely independent and uniquely voiced channels, capturing a huge range of warm valve tones, from pristine clean to all out high gain. When you
change channels, it doesn’t simply sound like variations on the one basic tone. It feels like you’re changing amps. The character, feel, dynamic response
and frequency content is radically different from one channel to the next.

Each Revelation amplifier preamp features:
•Four completely independent and uniquely voiced channels, capturing a huge range of warm valve tones, from pristine clean to all out high gain.
There’s no repeat of channel voicings.
•Each channel can run clean, crunch of high gain, thanks to the 3 position gain switch, for a total of 12 different preamp voicings (4 channels, with 3
modes per channel). For the first time ever, you can set up an amp with 4 distinction clean tones, or 4 high gain tones, or any combination… it’s up to
•Dual master volume for solo boosts.
•Four independent FX loops, which you can assign to ANY channel. Each channel remembers which loops are assigned to it.
•MIDI switching capability for channel, gain mode, FX loops and master volume.

Mated to this amazing preamp is an equally impressive power amplifier with the following features:
•Three output power levels (High, Mid and Low)
•Triode/Pentode switch.
•Power amp presence and depth controls.
•Three levels of negative feedback (High, Low and Off)
•The ability to accept most common octal based power tubes, such as KT66, KT77, KT88, KT90, KT100, 6550, EL34, 6CA7, 6L6, 5881, 6V6, and 6K6.
•Output power anywhere from 100W down to 1W by choosing the appropriate tube and power amp configurations.
•External bias points for easy tube swapping.

With the Revelation, each channel captures a unique philosophical approach to preamp design. The four channels capture what we consider to be four
pivotal preamp voicings. Whilst in no way a ‘clone’, each channel seeks to create the vibe of some of the great guitar tones, past and present. Then by
altering the gain structure, each channel’s possibilities are extended to create gain modes, all of which are ‘projections’ of the basic characteristics of
that channel. For example, ever wondered what a traditionally vintage ‘American’ voiced preamp would sound like with a couple of extra gain stages
added? What about applying the design principles of modern high gain designs to tamer crunch, or even clean voicing? Now you can begin to see the
amazing possibilities the Revelation has to offer.

Channel 1 (Green) is inspired by the traditional American preamp designs from 50’s and 60’s. One of its unique defining characteristics is the position of
the tone stack, which is at the beginning of the preamp as opposed to the end. This channel has the lowest gain of all 4 channels, and is aimed more at
the vintage side of things.

Channel 2 (Yellow) is decidedly British in nature. The mids are a lot more forward, and the position of the tone controls (at the end of the preamp)
completely changes the character of this channel, compared to channel 1. This is another channel which we would consider to be ‘vintage’ voiced.

Channel 3 (Blue) is what happens when you take Channel 2, and mod it to the max. It’s definitely a ‘modern’ channel. Inspired by the hot-rodded,
custom amps of the 80’s and 90’s, this channel exhibits a tight controlled low end, a precise high end, and huge midrange response for cutting through
the mix.

Channel 4 (Red) is the alter-ego to Channel 3. Also a ‘modern’ channel, it’s everything that Chanel 3 is not. At every stage of the preamplifier circuit,
the signal is handled in the opposite way to Channel 3. This creates a sound, which in every mode, is the counterpart of Channel 3. Instead of ‘thin’
and detailed, the Low gain mode is dark and moody. Instead of focused and fast, the Mid gain mode is fat and momentous. Instead of cutting a
controlled sonic path, the High gain mode forces its way through with sheer brute power, pushing aside anything in its way.

Output Power and Tube Configuration

To start with, the power and output transformers are a completely new design. Both transformer were designed in house and custom made to our
spec. They are double shielded toroidal transformers (yes, even the output!) for ultra low noise, which we have load tested to 400W to ensure


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MI Amplification Revelation Head mkII (K)

MI Amplification Revelation Head mkII (K)